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DOOM 3D In The Works At Universal

Felix Kemp
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DOOM 3D In The Works At Universal

Universal just canned Guillermo del Toro's At The Mountains of Madness film. They're still holding off on a Bioshock adaption, and the Halo movie is deemed too risky. But a reboot of 2005's Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson-starring DOOM? That's on; and in 3D. Yup, Universal has green-lit the film despite having no director or actors attached, or even a script written. In fact, Universal's mandate on the film is that the script take full advantage of stereoscopic 3D. I think it's safe to say we're all DOOMED.

The original DOOM film, which starred Karl 'Soon To Be Judge Dredd' Urban alongside The Rock and other assorted beefcakes, was so bad it failed to recoup its decidedly moderate budget. Dwayne Johnson was nominated for an award, however; the prestigious Golden Raspberry for Worst Actor. The film was a joke, a poor re-imagining of an admittedly basic premise with bad writing, acting and special-effects. It did have on standout moment, however; a corridor shootout pitched from an FPS perspective.

We often lament the state of videogame films, and rightly so when decisions like this are made. How can Universal justify making a Doom film over a Bioshock movie, for example? I can't see the logic. Admittedly, Universal have seen risky endeavors, like Drag Me To Hell or the more recent Scott Pilgrim, fail to make a profit or in some cases break even, so I can understand their reticence behind some films. But DOOM 3D? Yes, the title is eye-catching, although the same could be said of public nudity or a car crash. But when the last DOOM film was a flop, how do Universal expect an estimated fifty million investment will be recouped simply because you slap some 3D on the screen?

It's not all bad in the world of videogame films. I, for one, am quite looking forward to the Uncharted film. I mean that literally; I might be the only one who is. I understand Mark Wahlberg isn't the perfect choice for Drake - neither is Di Nero for Sully, either - but O. Russel is a very talented and capable director. Although his recent comments have been unnervingly indifferent.

What do you think of the upcoming DOOM 3D film? Happy to see another go at the franchise? Or like us would you rather Universal invest that time, money and talent elsewhere? Please tell us, we'd like to know. It makes us feel less doomy gloomy. [Hollywood Insider]

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Matt Davidson  Mar. 10, 2011 at 16:12

Just goes to show why the movie indusrty is in the chaos it is in. Too busy making rubbish and leaving behind creative and challenging alternatives...


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