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Doom 4 is a double-jumping circle-strafing skull-crushing ultraviolent reboot

Jonathan Lester
Bethesda, id Software

Doom 4 is a double-jumping circle-strafing skull-crushing ultraviolent reboot

id Software spills the beans at QuakeCon

Doom 4 is dead. Long live Doom!

id Software has finally revealed that their long-awaited Doom sequel is actually a full-on reboot that plans to overhaul more than the story. As opposed to a tense horror crawl, our marine sets out on a brutal fast-paced orgy of destruction complete with double jumps, no regenerating health, messy melee executions and slippery combat that harks back to the original classics.

We are, as they say, so ready.

id Software are still keeping mum about the whole thing, as they've taken the classy decision to keep the reveal exclusive for those who made the pilgrimage to this year's QuakeCon expo. Naturally this didn't stop plenty of US journalists attending the event and initiating a Class V Tweetstorm.

According to Polygon, the project runs on the brand new id Tech 6 (known as "id Tech 666" in-house, apparently), designed for full 1080/60 action via a tweet from Geoff Keighley. More importantly, though, gameplay is based around a few familiar yet oft-overlooked pillars: massive guns, over-the-top demonic enemies and slippery-quick movement. As such, the chainsaw, plasma rifle and shotguns are returning -- yes, we can carry all weapons simultaneously -- while our marine can now circle-strafe like a champ and even double-jump long distances to evade incoming firepower.

We Got This Covered reports that melee executions are now a major gameplay mechanic, as weakened enemies can be instantly and gratuitously dispatched with your bare fists. Apparently executions include crushing an enemy's skull leaving only the bottom jaw remaining, ripping out hearts and snapping necks. Weapons rip demons to shreds, while gibbing actually has gameplay applications. A dead scientist's arm, for example, was ripped from his body and smeared over a fingerprint scanner to progress.

Story-wise, we really are talking about a full reboot. Once again we'll find ourselves outside the UAC Mars facility facing an army of demons, and that's fine by us. With luck the story will be compact and tight enough to fit into 15 lines of a readme .txt file, and leave the actual game well alone. There'll also be "fast-paced" multiplayer, which sounds like a terrible idea given the redundant pointlessness of Doom 3 and RAGE's multiplayer options, though I'd love to be wrong.

To put the Cacodemon amongst the Pinkies [hmm, tenuous - Ed], I actually adored Doom 3. Though it wasn't the Doom sequel I expected or even wanted at the time, its nervy staccato combat, cathartic later levels, great story and superb lighting still capture my imagination to this day. It was a thrill to see my favourite videogame enemies re-imagined in a frightening new way, and I even enjoyed the torch mechanics.

But I'm still ready for a return to shotgun-blasting balls-to-the-wall action, especially if id Software brings back the rock.

The rock music, that is, not Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. That's a whole different Doom, and one that we must never speak of again.

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Quietus  Jul. 18, 2014 at 12:32

I'd say leave out the executions. They may well have drawn inspiration from the Brutal Doom mod, but this is not universally loved, and many players, myself included, prefer a purer Doom.

Breadster  Jul. 18, 2014 at 14:52

As long as the executions are optional (which I imagine they are) I don't see it being a big deal.

In any case, this is exactly what I wanted to hear about the new Doom. Ever since I saw the teaser I've been eagerly awaiting news of a return to fast paced carnage.

X10  Jul. 18, 2014 at 16:37

But will the BFG still make an appearance!?

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