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DOOM Classic Complete Collection Hits PSN This Week

Jonathan Lester
Doom, Doom II, Final DOOM, PS3 games, PSN

DOOM Classic Complete Collection Hits PSN This Week

A compilation of classic DOOM games will be arriving on European PSN tomorrow, Bethesda has confirmed. The Classic Complete Collection includes the original game (with the extra Thy Flesh Consumed episode), DOOM II (including No Rest for the Living and The Master Levels) and Final DOOM. It'll set you back £11.99.

Personally, we reckon that's good value for an entire slice of gaming history, but it's worth noting that vanilla versions of DOOM and DOOM II are included in the recently-released DOOM 3: BFG Edition.

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Anarchist  Nov. 20, 2012 at 20:31

Erm, I believe you will find they are not vanilla versions of doom and doom II in the doom 3 bfg edition - they do Infact include the expansions as well - ie everything that is in this pack...

You can also get both games on xbla, including both expansions, for 400 msp each (about £6.70?), which again makes this pack a complete rip off at £12

Bad form Bethesda...

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