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Dota 2 Officially Comes Out Of Beta

Carl Phillips
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Dota 2 Officially Comes Out Of Beta

New Players Can Now Apply To Join

After a few years of closed testing, spawning beta keys in the inventory space of Steam users that threatened to take over the internet, Dota 2 has been officially launched. Valve’s spiritual successor to the Warcraft III mod Defence Of The Ancients will be Free To Play on its Steam service, although to help ensure the launch is a smooth one a waiting list for access is currently in force so that the servers don’t fall over.

And before you ask, all those beta invitations have been cleared from your inventory.

Despite the fact it has been in beta for some time, Dota 2 is one of Steam’s most popular titles, with competitions and tournaments being held ever since its official unveiling at Gamescom 2011. While the game has previously dropped players into the thick of it to fend for themselves, the latest build includes a tutorial to understand the basics (although trust me – nothing will prepare you for your first slaugh-… erm, I mean match against a real team of players.) For more information, or to learn how to gain access to the game, be sure to head over to the official Dota 2 website.

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