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Double Fine Adventure Chooses Its First Console: The Ouya

Jonathan Lester
Double Fine, Double Fine Adventure, Ouya

Double Fine Adventure Chooses Its First Console: The Ouya

The Double Fine Adventure will make its debut on PC, Mac and Linux, but the Ouya has managed to court the Kickstarted darling as a console exclusive.

Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman announced the coup at DICE Summit 2013, stating that her adorable cube will be the only way to play The Double Fine Adventure on consoles at launch. Though Double Fine hasn't ruled out an Xbox 360 or PS3 release down the line, it's clear that they're keen to use their breakthrough Kickstarter game to support other crowd-funded projects.

Double Fine will also bring The Cave to Ouya down the line.

In addition to the new partnership with Double Fine, Uhrman announced that Words With Friends creator Paul Bettner and his studio Verse will develop two exclusives for the Ouya. We look forward to seeing whether the little cube that could manages to deliver on its promise to disrupt traditional home console business models later this year.

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Late  Feb. 7, 2013 at 10:48

I guess they haven't started shipping early production models of the OUYA to funders and reviewers, yet?
I seem to recall the Kickstarter said early donaters of $100 or more would get the machine Jan/Feb, and it'd be on general sale Feb/Mar - but looking at their website it looks like the public launch has been put back a few months to June 2013.

Or perhaps I'm just remembering it wrong, and that was always the launch date...


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