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Double XP Weekend On Black Ops For PS3

Tom Silkstone
Black Ops, Games news

Double XP Weekend On Black Ops For PS3

What better way to break back into the multiplayer swing of things across PlayStation Network, than by jumping onto Black Ops this weekend, seeing as Treyarch are giving PS3 users a double XP weekend, which means that you'll be able to level up twice as quickly so you might finally get that gun you've been waiting for!

The weekend kicks off at 10am PST, which is about 6 o'clock this evening here in the UK, so perfect timing for when you get back from a hard day at the office and need a bit of stress relief! There's plenty of time to grab your extra XP though because things wrap themselves up at the same time on Tuesday May 24th. If you're a Black Ops enthusiast however, it's the perfect opportunity for a long session that'll get you a little closer to your next prestige level.

Treyarch also have another double XP weekend in the works, which will take place across every platform, and'll coincide with the Escalation packs release on the PS3, although sadly a firm date hasn't been set for this yet. We'll let you know when this is taking place as soon as we know more. [CVG]

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