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Dragon Age 2 Bioware Signature Edition | £24.99 | Game & Gamestation | PC

Felix Kemp
Dragon Age 2 Bioware Signature Edition, Games deals, PC games, Role playing game

Dragon Age 2 Bioware Signature Edition | £24.99 | Game & Gamestation | PC

We recently plumped for Dragon Age 2 on our Top 10 Games of 2011, so as you might expect we're all pretty excited to sink our teeth into yet another medieval Bioware adventure. If you are, too, we've got you covered on the cheapest pre-order deal. Two, in fact, both the same price at Game and Gamestation, so opt for whomever you favor most, and the result will be the same. Dragon Age 2 irked me a little when first announced, with a brand-new, fully-formed character taking the reins instead of the hero or heroine we'd all been grinding away at for hours in Origins. Hawke's story, however, looks set to be a typically epic and grandiose tale of war, love, betrayal and eventually becoming legend. It's due in March.

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Bill  Dec. 15, 2010 at 18:34

I pre-ordered this on amazon months ago at the same price.

And its still that price now :)

Just sayin...

Jonah  Dec. 15, 2010 at 21:49

Same price but no cashback via Quidco or Topcaskback so not quite good. Since Game/Gamestation (same company anyway) have same pre-order promise, price and in my experience reliability as Amazon well worth ordering through either of them.


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