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Dragon Age: Inquisition cheapest PS4/XO pre-order is £35.99

Brendan Griffiths
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Dragon Age: Inquisition cheapest PS4/XO pre-order is £35.99

Dragon Age: Inquisition is due in next week. Sure you could wait for a potential Black Friday deal, but we can't see the game getting a discount in its first week of release. If anything, expect most sites to be selling it for around £40 after launch as is the case with most top-tier EA titles. Better head on over to this site to get a last-minute pre-order down for either the PS4 or Xbox One version then. Don't forget to use your voucher code to get the cheaper price too.

It's Dragon Age: Inquisition or well...nothing if you want a console RPG this Christmas -quiet Lords of the Fallen, we're waiting until you're a tenner! This latest code collaboration sees the two retailers joining forces to bring you the cheapest pre-order price for the new Bioware adventure. Early reviews have been favourable for this one and it already looks like a huge improvement over the dreary dungeons of the second game.

Thanks to Djldthebest.

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