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Dragon Age: Origins £18.99 @ Grainger Games [PS3 Games]

Matt Gardner
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Dragon Age: Origins £18.99 @ Grainger Games [PS3 Games]

Dragon Age: Origins was one of the best and biggest games of 2009. I don't mean that in a Modern Warfare 2 sense where 'big' equates to a massive hype machine and a larger advertising budget than God can afford these days, I mean in terms of game time. BioWare brought a bit of epic fantasy to the games industry last year, and it was awesome.

It's yo-yo'd a bit in price since its release, but is still going fairly strongly, with sales boosted by being a deals favourite. If you haven't snagged a copy yet, now might be the time to do so as Grainger Games are currently offering new copies for under twenty quid at the stonkingly good price of £18.99, nearly £6 cheaper than the nearest online competitor (The Hut - £24.73).

Origins is basically a classic fantasy affair: There's a country mired in some kind of medieval stasis, your classic blend of humans, elves and dwarves, and the whole world is under threat from the rise of a Big Evil Horde of Demons and led by a massive dragon. There are some nice tweaks to the formula such as the dwarven caste system, the racial mistrust of the elves, and a typical BioWare yarn with a number of twists, turns and plenty of backstabbing.

I'm a huge BioWare fan, and I've got to say that I absolutely loved Dragon Age: Origins. Don't get me wrong, there are some issues; for example, there isn't really an original bone in this game's body and all of the characters can be found in other BioWare games, but this is a triumph of something simple done brilliantly. The game is expansive, atmospheric, brutally gory and hugely engrossing. True, the combat is more button mashing than tactical thinking when it comes to the console versions, but you won't find a game from the last twelve months that will give you more for your money.

Clocked over 100 hours and still going. Check out my review for a longer analysis here.

Thanks to andy182 at HotUKDeals

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