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Dragon Age Origins Awakening £12.93 @ The Hut [PC Games]

Tom Silkstone
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Dragon Age Origins Awakening £12.93 @ The Hut [PC Games]

The expansion pack to Dragon Age Origins takes gamers back into the expansive world of Amaranthine, for a new set of quests that take place just after the events of the original.

Considering Dragon Age Origins Awakening only came out a few months ago, The Hut's price of £12.93 is pretty reasonable and is almost £2 cheaper than the next best offer of £14.85 from Tesco Entertainment.

Ok, to give you a brief heads up of what happens in the game without giving anything away, players travel around several locations picking up new party members along the way. Once you've recruited all the available party members, you learn of an oncoming war, which must be dealt with.

The story is very well written and is filled full of choices, which actually have a significant impact on the world around you. The main quest will take you a couple of days to complete, but the side quests should have you going for much longer than that. In fact, as with most games in this genre, you'll actually benefit from playing the side quests in conjunction with the main quest.

The combat is incredibly rewarding and you'll often find yourself battling huge mythical creatures, facing odds that are definitely not stacked in your favour. I found the task of taking on two dragons during one fight to be particularly challenging.

Whilst you can start with a completely new character, you do have the option of importing your character from Dragon Age Origins, which is an option that I would take every time it was offered in a game. There are a number of new specialisations and abilities on offer, which you'll need in order to climb your way up to level 30.

If you want an epic story, filled with rich characters, and more dragons than a J.R.R. Tolkien novel, then why not pick up a copy of Dragon Age Origins Awakening for the PC.

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