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Dragon Age Origins: Awakening £5.99 @ HMV [PC Games]

Felix Kemp
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Dragon Age Origins: Awakening £5.99 @ HMV [PC Games]

So you've slain the Archdemon, but fret not, Dragon Age addicts, we've got you covered. Dragon Age Origins: Awakening, the first chunk of DLC to be released, can be nabbed off HMV for the mere price of £5.99!

For a piece of DLC, £5.99 might sound a bit dear. But Awakening is considered like a mini-game in itself, housing an epic Dragon Age tale with a new cast of characters, friends and foe alike. For £5.99, it's a bit of a bargain.

Set a half-year after the events of Origins, you'll again take up the mantle of a Grey Warden, but this time in the realm of Amaranthine, fraught with social upheaval and political strife. With a band of followers, you travel to Virgil's Keep to enlist the help of the resident Grey Wardens, but find the fortress defeated by Darkspawn. Evidence suggests it wasn't a mindless horde, however. It was a well-planned, well-organised assault. Who could be masterminding such an attack from the seemingly dim-witted Darkspawn?

And so begins your quests, in search of this elusive 'intelligent' Darkspawn. You'll gather a new team of allies, from witty mages to dual-wielding dwarfs. Along the way, you'll encounter the Architect, a being of unimaginable power who may hold the key to quelling the Darkspawn. Reports suggest Bioware have refined the combat-system, meaning it won't be such a chore to deal with a single band of Darkspawn, and that quests have received a major overhaul resulting in less repetitive grinding.

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