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Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit £12.85 @ ShopTo [PS3 Games]

Felix Kemp
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Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit £12.85 @ ShopTo [PS3 Games]

If you're a fan of ridiculously destructive one-on-one brawls, with improbably long and bushy hairdos, muscle-bound aliens with inexplicable monkey tails, and a collection of dragon testicles that grant wishes, then Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit on the PS3 can be bought from ShopTo for the cut-price of £12.85.

Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit averaged a fairly respectable 71 on MetaCritic, with critics citing the detailed visuals on par with the anime and the combat system as their favourite aspects of the game, but lamenting the the bare-bones structure and lack of depth. It's accessible controls, tailored so newcomers can pick and play with ease, but also so old-school fans can master the complexities, is a great feature, and should convince either fans of the fighting genre or Dragon Ball to take a gander, especially at this price.

Burst Limit is set in the fictional Dragon Ball universe, where the plot-device 'dragon balls', which grant wishes once collected, act as a convenient means for amassing a roster of human and alien combatants to duke it out across inexplicably barren environments, yelling anime cliches and acting all surprised when the hero suddenly powers up to victory. Burst Limit distills the series into what is its strongest feature; the fights. Located in a 2-D environ, where a roster of over 21 beloved fighters, from series' hero Goku, to Vegeta, to Frieza and even Brolly.

Like traditional fighting games, you pick a character who has a select speciality or trait. They might be a nimble and fast, or slow and tough. Unlike most fighting games, however, is the ki gauge. Dragon Ball combatants can channel this energy into blasts of white fire, such as Goku's trademark kah-meh-hah-meh-hah... I know, I know. At the end of each battle, assuming you are victorious, you'll be treated to a cut-scene, detailing the most recent developments in the stupid but fun plot.

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