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Dragon Commander Trailer Leaves Genre Barriers In The Dust

Matt Gardner
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Dragon Commander Trailer Leaves Genre Barriers In The Dust

We love games that defy easy genre pigeonholing, and Larian Studios have certainly tried to smash down a few genre walls with their upcoming game Divinity: Dragon Commander

We rather imagine that Dragon Commander is the sort of deliciously complex smoothie you'd get if you shoved the Total War series into a blender along with Civilization, the ship hubs from Wing Commander, the fast-paced strategy from innumerable RTS titles, and finished it all off with Panzer Dragoon-esque action courtesy of a jetpack-enhanced dragon.

Yes, that's right. A jetpack-enhanced dragon!

There's a new trailer for the game that launched today which gives you a little taste of how everything comes together in Dragon Commander, and we'll have a preview up onsite soon. All I'll say is this: I had a packed day of preview events yesterday, and I rearranged my afternoon so I could pop back in on Larian to play more of this. I was crap when it came to multiplayer, but I could have spent all day there.

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