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Dragon Dogma Sparks Capcom Revival

Matt Gardner
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Dragon Dogma Sparks Capcom Revival

YESSSSSS!!! Dragon's Dogma has passed one million sales, and Capcom's profits are up by almost 300%, with the publisher noting that they've seen something of a "recovery trend" in the market.

The three-month period ending June 30 2012, saw the Japanese company post net profits of ¥1.3 billion ($17m / £11m) - a 290.2% rise over the ¥338 million gained in the same quarter last year.

Digital was up too, with Capcom's Digital Contents group accounting for the majority of the company's income. Digital Contents governs Capcom's digital interests across console and PC, and posted income figures of ¥13.7 billion ($175m / £111m) in revenue for the quarter - and increase of 78.8%.

Nice going, folks!

We loved Dragon's Dogma but had to balance out a few glaring flaws alongside its immensely satisfying, challenging gameplay. Still, it's been one of the standout titles of the year thus far. [via GI.biz]

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Breadster  Jul. 30, 2012 at 13:20

Maybe now they'll see that original ip's and Japanese quirkyness can still sell, rather than trying to turn everything into CoD.


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