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Dragon Quest Monsters Reboot Confirmed For 3DS

Matt Gardner
3DS Games, Dragon Quest Monsters, Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D, Square Enix

Dragon Quest Monsters Reboot Confirmed For 3DS

Were you one of the few who eschewed Pokemon populism for a lightly deeper critter-collecting experience? Well then start rejoicing, because Square-Enix have confirmed that 1998 Game Boy Colour title Dragon Quest Monsters is definitely coming to 3DS, with a Japanese release slated for sometime in 2012.

Officially titled Dragon Quest Monsters Terry's Wonderland 3D, the 3DS version will include all of the beasts from Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional, as well some all-new monsters, stories, and more.

Dragon Quest Monsters released over here in Europe four months in January 1999, after its initial appearance in Japan, and was the first Dragon Quest game of any kind to make it to European shores. Much like Pokemon, the core gameplay to the 'Monsters' series of games revolves around capturing, breeding and raising monsters to go forth and do battle for you. [andriasang]

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