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New Dragon's Dogma Screens Swoop In

Felix Kemp
Dragon's Dogma, Games news

We've been buzzing with excitement for Capcom's fiery action-adventure title, Dragon's Dogma, since it was announced earlier this month. It promises to be a big, bold adventure replete with open-world stylings and plenty of good old-fashioned fantasy combat. And Capcom have been kind enough to drop a few more screens online for us to pore over and devour before the inevitable deluge of information come E3!

New Dragon's Dogma Screens Swoop In

The new screens give us a better look at the as-yet-unnamed protagonist, who so far fits the current fantasy mold of incredibly boring looking white male with brown, shoulder-length hair. At least he's not bald, I suppose. One shot shows our hero on his back, transfixed with an enormous dragon claw perched over his chest. In Dragon's Dogma, you're on a quest to slay a recently-resurrected dragon who just happens to be plucking the puppet-strings and strengthening you for the inevitable showdown. Perhaps this is him?

New Dragon's Dogma Screens Swoop In

Another image shows our hero bursting from a lake beside a coastal town. Blood fountains from his chest and he appears suspended in midair, suggesting this lake isn't the best choice for an early morning dip. A few more screens showcase Capcom's remarkable engine at work, with stunning seaside vistas and a countryside sprawl. It really does look very nice.

New Dragon's Dogma Screens Swoop In

More interesting images, however, show our hero knelt before a king-type figure who seems to be knighting the young man, resting a ceremonial blade on his shoulder. The kind - like the hero - is a pretty standard-looking king, hunched in his chair and presumably very troubled by this dragon's rebirth. We'll have more for you on Dragon's Dogma around June.

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