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Dreamfall Chapters Announced

Carl Phillips
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Dreamfall Chapters Announced

Ragnar Tørnquist Forms New Studio For The Project

Funcom announced this afternoon that the Dreamfall Chapters, the long-awaited sequel to their adventure game Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, is currently in pre-production. The project will be headed by the series’ creator Ragnar Tørnquist, who stepped down as Game Director for Funcom’s MMORPG The Secret World earlier this year, and will be created by his new development studio Red Thread Games.

In a statement posted on Funcom’s website, Tørnquist said that he is “very excited” to begin work on the franchise he started several years ago.

Ever since we ended 'Dreamfall' on a nail-biting cliffhanger, players have been rightfully demanding a sequel, and my deal with Funcom will finally make that possible. I'm extremely grateful to Funcom for this unique and exciting opportunity, and I can't wait to dive back into the universe I helped create more than a decade ago, and continue the story players have been waiting for these past six years.

Licensing the IP to Red Thread Games, Funcom will continue to focus on the online gaming side of the industry while Tørnquist and his new team will have free reign to complete their new title. In a message posted on Twitter, Tørnquist confirmed that there would not be console port of the Dreamfall Chapters, as it would be "a single-player game for PC and Mac through and through." Players of The Secret World haven’t seen the last of Tørnquist though, as he will remain involved in an advisory role of creative director for the MMO.

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Shadowmancer88  Nov. 1, 2012 at 18:44

Yes about time, one of the best adventure game series ever, with an emotional/ annoying cliffhanger ending, can't wait to play it.

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