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Dreamfall Chapters To Include Even More Content As Kickstarter Campaign Ends

Carl Phillips
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Dreamfall Chapters To Include Even More Content As Kickstarter Campaign Ends

“Director’s Cut” Stretch Goal Achieved At The Last Second

After a month of updates, trailers, interviews, Crow-related puns and cannonstroking (we’ll get to that) the Kickstarter campaign for Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey has finally come to a close. The pledge total came to $1,538,175 when the timer ended at 11 am this morning, going 80% further than the initial $850,000 target developers Red Thread Games were originally aiming for.

The team at Red Thread took to TwitchTV to livestream the final hours of the campaign, answering questions from fans and taking Skype calls, but when the clock reached zero the team celebrated with a champagne (or could have been Cava) toast and then ate muffins. Although the livestream has now ended, you can still put your questions to creative director Ragnar Tørnquist in an AMA on Reddit, which you can head to by clicking here.


Dreamfall Chapters To Include Even More Content As Kickstarter Campaign Ends
The Red Thread Games team celebrate the close of the Kickstarter campaign.

By hitting the $1.5 million “Director’s Cut” stretch goal, it has ensured that puzzles and locations that had previously been dropped to accommodate a lesser budget are now back in, and a commentary track featuring key developers will also come with the game (although, by their own admission, it probably won’t be as good as Commentary: The Musical.)

With the countdown now officially over, we have compiled a list of what players can expect from Dreamfall Chapters upon its launch in 2014, along with their stretch goal names:

• DRM-Free Versions of Dreamfall Chapters for PC, Mac & Linux (Apples & Penguins)
• In-game library to collect books and lore items (The Loremaster)
• More depth with additional locations, puzzles and characters (A Longer Journey & The Director’s Cut)
• The inclusion of the House Of All Worlds for players to visit and explore (“Mystery is important, señorita.”)
• An interactive graphic novel which recaps the story from The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey with every copy of the game (Storytime)
• An improved soundtrack with live instruments and vocals (composers / artists to be announced) and an in-game gallery highlighting art from both the developers and the community (A Richer World)
• Localisation for French and German languages (with a Polish version thanks to a collaboration with CD Project) along with additional dialogue for all characters in the game (The Spoken Word)
• Alternative outfits for Zoë Castillo (depending on pledge level.)

Although the final two stretch goals were not met, there is still hope for The Longest Journey Home, the game which will see the conclusion to April Ryan’s story. As we revealed in our exclusive interview with lead designer Martin Bruusgaard, Red Thread Games will be looking to fund TLJH's pre-production through other means once Dreamfall Chapters has been completed. Additionally, Dreamfall Chapters is still awaiting approval through Steam Greenlight and is currently in discussion for a place on GOG.com.

So there you have it – Dreamfall Chapters may have been a certainty for a number of weeks, but we now know that the game we will ultimately be getting will be filled to the brim with content rich with lore to discover, challenging puzzles to overcome, and plenty of “Crowmance” and puppet shows. We suspect that the crowd-funding’s success was mainly down to Martin Bruusgaard’s habbit of stroking cannons (displayed below.)

Dreamfall Chapters To Include Even More Content As Kickstarter Campaign Ends

If you have any questions regarding Dreamfall Chapters, the Kickstarter campaign, or Red Thread Games in general, please let us know as we plan on speaking to the team again in the near future!

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