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Driveclub delight - no Need For Speed this year

Jonathan Lester
EA, Ghost Games, Need for Speed, Racing Games

Driveclub delight - no Need For Speed this year

Driveclub is releasing at a truly idiotic time of year, October, when it will face competition from literally everyone and their mums. However, Sony will be thrilled to hear that EA aren't bringing a Need To Speed game to the silly season, as Ghost Games wants more time to give the franchise room to breathe.

"Everyone here at Ghost Games in Gothenburg feels passionate about the Need for Speed franchise and Rivals was just the first step for us," Ghost Games' executive producer Marcus Nilsson wroute on the NFS website. "We exist to make games that are constantly improving… games that push the boundaries of technology and innovation. Most importantly, we exist to make games that excite our fans."

"We are already deep in development on our next game and want to make this promise to you: we will listen to you. We're going to give you the game you've been asking for. It will be the game you deserve, but to do that will take us some time."

"We've made the decision to not release a Need for Speed in 2014, so we can work towards a highly innovative Need for Speed in 2015. An experience built on a foundation we know you'll greatly look forward to."

This sounds good to us - especially because they failed to build the foundation properly in Need For Speed: Rivals. A great racer was dragged down by its AutoDrive system that was barely fit for task, with its woefully limited player cap, lack of host migration and shonky netcode declawing easily could have been the ultimate next-gen racer.

Ghost Games seems to acknowledge that, at least tacitly, and hopefully will develop their next game as a new-gen exclusive. Seeing as Rivals was great beyond AutoDrive, and they include plenty of Criterion veterans, we're going to take them at their word.

Gutting news for Need For Speed fans, but I suppose that the recently-dated Driveclub has one less contender to worry about. Now there's only The Crew, Project Cars and Codemasters Racing to fret over... oh dear.

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