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Driver San Fran Not Looking To Compete With GTA

Felix Kemp
Driver: San Francisco, GTA, Ubisoft
Driver: San Francisco

Driver San Fran Not Looking To Compete With GTA

When you think of an open-world game where you hijack vehicles with very little consequence, Grand Theft Auto comes to mind, right? What about an open-world game where you hijack vehicles via coma-induced astral projection? Driver San Francisco. Right? Well, despite their obvious similarities, Ubisoft is keen to emphasize the differences between the two, drawing a clear line between the pair as they attempt to "distance" themselves from 2K's mega-hit.

"I think what we've tried to do is distance ourselves a bit from GTA though," explains Ubisoft's Pete Young, who's in charge of San Francisco's ambitious multiplayer component. "For us the driving has always been the core focus of the game." In the new Driver, series protagonist Tanner can possess any car in the nearby vicinity via a form of astral projection. Dubbed 'Shift', Ubisoft is very proud of their newfangled mechanic.

"The shift mechanic came about because we wanted to keep the action in the driving and experience a great variety of cars," Young reveals. Making a sly jab at GTA, Young stresses that Shift removes the downtime between getting in and out of the car. "So we've tried to cut out the tediousness of stopping, getting out of the vehicle, finding another one, getting into it. You're able to just jump from one to the next."

Driver San Francisco is shaping up to be a bold and ambitious experience when it launches on the 2nd of September, this year. Until then, chime in on whether you think Driver San Francisco's Shift mechanic can help it compete with the likes of GTA. [NowGamer]

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