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Driver: San Francisco Includes More Dialogue Than Mass Effect

Felix Kemp
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Mass Effect 2

Driver: San Francisco Includes More Dialogue Than Mass Effect

It's not often you see a develop boasting of its newest racer's sheer amount of dialogue, but Ubisoft Reflection is doing just that, proclaiming the supposed fact that Driver: San Francisco features more lines of dialogue than even Bioware's chatty space-opera, Mass Effect 2. In the latest Driver title, series stalwart, John Tanner, has fallen into an untimely coma. As such, the game itself is his fantasy. John can leap from vehicle to passing vehicle at whim, opening the game up to a dazzling - and potentially confusing - array of chase or escape options.

But why does that mean Ubisoft is recording hundreds of hours worth of dialogue? Well, when Tanner decides to jump into a passing Sedan with a soccer mom on her way to pick up the kids, he'll be privy to the conversation she's having. "There are hundreds of characters in the game, that we've recorded," explains Ubisoft Reflection, "they all have their lives and their stories". It's an interesting feature to champion, seemingly irrelevant to the core driving feature, but it'll no doubt give Driver: San Francisco some much-needed personality and a voice, if you will. [OXM]

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