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From Dsi XL to Bioshock 2 - News Roundup 19th January 2010

Marius Goubert

In today’s news roundup, Nintendo bosses get defensive over claims their new Dsi is good for nothing but ‘old people’. Activision CEO Bobby Kotick lovingly reminisces over a deal which saw his company lose out on billions. Lastly, Bioshock 2 might be set to hit the shelves on the 9th February but already 2k Marin are announcing stacks of DLC.

Nintendo Disputes Claims That DSi XL is "Just For Old People"

From Dsi XL to Bioshock 2 - News Roundup 19th January 2010

Nintendo have hit back at claims that the new Dsi XL is "just for old people." Many people have been poking fun at the new Dsi system – with its larger screen and bigger stylus – by insisting that the only demographic these new features will appeal to are senior citizens. However, in an impassioned defence of the new system, Nintendo’s product manager James Honeywood stated, ‘It's absolutely not [just for old people]. DSi XL appeals to as many people, if not more, than its predecessors.’

But if not old people, then who will this product really appeal to? Well ‘with bigger screens and a larger pen-like stylus’ according to Honeywood, ‘it's likely that older users may find the DSi XL easier and more comfortable to use'. He then went onto to say that apart from gamers who want to view their DS games in unparalleled levels of detail, families playing their DS consoles whilst sitting around the living room would find the new features invaluable, as ‘the bigger stylus is less likely to get lost down the back of the sofa’. [1UP]

Kotick could have bought Blizzard for $7m

From Dsi XL to Bioshock 2 - News Roundup 19th January 2010

In an interview Game Informer, Activison boss Bobby Kotick has been remarking on how funny it is when you lose out on billions of dollars. Kotick revealed how during a dinner with Davidson & Associates back in 1995, he roared at the company directors, 'are you out of your minds? That’s insane!’ when they revealed a deal to acquire World of Warcraft developer Blizzard for $7 million. According to Kotick, Activision’s accumulated revenue stood at around $60 at the time.

Twelve years later, with Activision desperate to get its claws on Blizzard’s WOW franchise, the company merged with Vivendi Games in a deal worth more than $18 billion. But whilst Kotick likes to look back fondly at such missed opportunities, Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime must be ruing the day he accepted $7 million with no idea he could have held out for $7 billion. [GamerBlips]

2K confirms BioShock 2 DLC plans

From Dsi XL to Bioshock 2 - News Roundup 19th January 2010

The game is not even out yet, but already plans for Bioshock 2 DLC are well underway according to 2K Marin’s Kent Hudson. ‘Absolutely! We are working on pretty aggressive plans for DLC,’ Hudson told Australian Gamer. "That is something that is mostly being run out of the Marin studio because like I said the Australian studio is already ramping up on the next big thing." So if you’re eagerly waiting to see what’s become of Rapture, not long to go before as Bioshock 2 hits the stores on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on the 9TH February. [Eurogamer]

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Matt Gardner  Jan. 19, 2010 at 19:04

I say it every time and I'll say it again....

...God I hate Bobby Kotick.

Gunn  Jan. 20, 2010 at 09:50

Is not losing the stylus down the back of the sofa, really the only advantage they can think of for having DSi XL. Why not call it the DSi Senior edition.

MattyPlant  Jan. 20, 2010 at 13:51

I spose it will help, Im 6'4" so as you can imagine I have fairly large hands, my kids come to me and ask for help, I cant do it without my finger nerves having an episode lol


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