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DSI XL (Blue, Green & Brown) | £128.85 | ShopTo ]

Jonathan Lester
DSi XL, Games deals, Nintendo hardware
DSI XL (Blue, Green & Brown) | £128.85 | ShopTo ]
  • What: DSI XL (Green, Blue, Brown)
  • Where: ShopTo
  • Current Price: £128.85

The 3DS may be on its way in a few months to shock us with quite how impressive and scalable handheld 3D can be... but for now, the DSI XL is an absolutely fantastic piece of kit. The two screens are crisp, clear and huge; with an extra-large stylus providing much more comfortable control. The handsome wine red colour have unfortunately sold out, but the remaining hues make them perfect for the kiddies (though the brown is rather executive- looking a little like a miniscule briefcase). Thanks to Sphinx at Hot UK Deals.

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MrRobin  Dec. 3, 2010 at 13:00

Most consoles get re-released a few years down the line in Slim-line versions (including the original DS!) I find it odd that this one is a scaled up version, with no additioanl features.

Jerec  Dec. 3, 2010 at 13:11

I thought the Red was rank, I had the Brown and it was ok, but tbh they aren't worth the extra money!


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