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Duality ZF

Duality ZF Trailer Brings The Rain!

Jonathan Lester
Duality ZF, Indie Games, PC games, PSN, XBLA
Duality ZF | PC | Playstation 3 | Xbox 360

If you haven't heard of Xona Games, you obviously haven't been paying close enough attention to the Indie scene. The Doucette brothers have been crafting some of the finest (and most insane) Xbox Live Indie shoot'em ups on the marketplace - and their latest title is set to bring the chaos to Xbox Live Arcade, Steam and the Playstation Network. Duality ZF, powered by their award winning Duality Engine, is on course to provide massive shooting thrills and obscene amounts of retinal stimulation... so if you think that your brain can handle it, we have the new trailer below.

Click here, fellow lovers of Bullet Hell!