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Dualshock PS3 Controller | £28.99 | Amazon | PS3

Felix Kemp
Dual Shock Controller, Games accessories, Games deals, PS3

Dualshock PS3 Controller | £28.99 | Amazon | PS3

  • What: Dualshock PS3 Controller
  • Where: Amazon
  • Current Price: £28.99

While £28.99 might sound like a lot for just a controller, remember a number of things. One, the battery for Sony controllers steadily dwindles over the years, until finally you'll be forced to purchase a replacement, regardless of how much you recharged it or kept it safe in a bed of Kleenex tissues. Second, long, long ago, the PS3 didn't have rumble, claiming it was a last-gen feature, to cover up for some legal broo-hah-hah involving a patent infringement. That was all sorted, and Sony finally revealed the new and improved Dualshock, with rumble and motion-tilt, lapping up the attention but claiming to have an imminent arrangement to attend to when the matter of "last-gen technology" was brought up. Either way, if you're running low on controllers, this is a fairly good deal for an inherently pricy piece of tech. Now you can finally go co-op on LittleBigPlanet. Believe me, it's great.

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Jake  Oct. 7, 2010 at 12:32

You can replace the batteries in them pretty cheaply


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