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A Duke Demo Is On The Way!

Tom Silkstone
Duke Nukem Forever, News
Duke Nukem Forever

A Duke Demo Is On The Way!

Some of us poor saps have been waiting just over a decade now for the Duke to set foot onto our consoles in Duke Nukem Forever, and the wait's almost over. If you want to try before you buy though, or can't wait until June, a demo should be with us very soon, and it almost goes without saying that this is very exciting news!

According to vg247, messages have been making their way round Duke Nukem Forever First Access members to gather intelligence on the consoles they currently own, ready for when the demo decides to grace our screens, which looks like it could be anytime after the 15th May as this is when all the information needs to be confirmed by.

Now, whilst a firm release date for the demo hasn't been set, Gearbox let Kotaku know that:

We will be making an official date announcement soon.

So, I guess all we need to do is sit back and wait, which shouldn't exactly be a new experience for all of us Duke Nukem fans!

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Tony  May. 11, 2011 at 12:25

I played it at gadget show live, if I was them I would continue to ride on the coat tails of previous success for a while longer and not bother with a demo :(

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