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Looks like we're getting a Duke Nukem RPG: kick ass, chew bubblegum & research tech trees?

Jonathan Lester
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Looks like we're getting a Duke Nukem RPG: kick ass, chew bubblegum & research tech trees?

If a new viral advertising campaign is to be believed, Duke Nukem is set to return in the most unexpected of ways. Series creator Scott Miller and Interceptor Productions have seemingly teased a "top-down action role-playing game" for PC and PS4, entitled Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction.

Do we have time to grind with ourselves? More details below.

Mass Destruction broke cover by way of a teaser site that proudly displays a titillating image of the Duke's favourite chewing gum (pictured above), a countdown timer, some dramatic music and not much else. However, the page originally asked 10,000 players to 'Like' the Facebook text to decipher some mysterious coded text, but Interceptor didn't bank on the internet's unerring ability to crack substitution ciphers with extreme crowd-sourced efficiency. It wasn't long before the cat was firmly out of the bag, revealing an Unreal-powered action-RPG slated for reveal later this month. Whoops.

"The King makes his next-generation debut in Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction," reads the translated blurb reads. "A top-down action role-playing game for PC and PlayStation. Duke Nukem kicks ass across planets in an Unreal Engine-powered galactic adventure to save the President from an apocalyptic alien threat."

In terms of features, Mass Destruction promises "all-new enemies," alongside "series-first mechanics; including experience points and tech trees." Which will naturally figure into a "neverbeforeseen arsenal of devastating weaponry."

Okay then.

Looks like we're getting a Duke Nukem RPG: kick ass, chew bubblegum & research tech trees?

Image courtesy of Lunick at the Duke4.net forums!

Duke Nukem Forever may have been a somewhat muted return for the franchise (though, frankly, I reckon it's much more fun than many of my peers give it credit for!), but titles like the Manhattan Project looked to return to the old-school platforming roots for inspiration rather than going down the FPS route. If true, Mass Destruction could be an intriguing new twist for the series... so long as it retains the bombastic, no-holds barred atmosphere of the original games. And, erm, the new skill trees and experience points genuinely add to the experience rather than miring us in grind. The Duke doesn't grind. Apart from... well... [insert tasteless gag here]

Would you play a Duke Nukem RPG? Let us know in the comments.


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Quietus  Feb. 3, 2014 at 15:55

I don't really know. I'd probably give it a whirl out of curiosity. I think that most players, myself included, aren't interested in Duke's roots, and were only ever big Duke fans because of 3D, so a complete departure (again) doesn't really have the same appeal. Anyway, surely instead of 'action-RPG', it'd be 'RPG-RPG'?

Level up! - You have acquired the 'Rip Head Off' skill.
Level up! - You have acquired the 'Sh*t Down Neck' skill.


davidpanik  Feb. 3, 2014 at 16:10

Another Duke Nukem game? Really?

And an RPG? Really?


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