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Dungeon Of The Endless Video Impressions | Early Access To A Hardcore Sci-Fi Stunner

Jonathan Lester
Amplitude Studios, Dungeon Of The Endless, PC, PC games

Dungeon Of The Endless may only be in early access, but Amplitude Studios' genre hybrid already looks beautiful and plays beautifully.

Halfway between a roguelike and a dungeon defence game, you'll lead a team of heroes though procedurally-generated levels, exploring and gradually uncovering unpredictable environments full of traps and deadly creatures. However, you'll also have to defend a crystal to stay alive: a power generator that lets you transform the dungeon into a powerful fortification bristling with turrets and defences. Constantly changing pace and hitting you where you least expect, this is very much more than the sum of its already-impressive RPG, roguelike, strategy and defensive parts; including elements we'd only traditionally expect from 4X games. Well, they did develop Endless Space after all.

Not to put too fine a point on things, but Dungeon of The Endless also looks drop-dead gorgeous despite being v.0.1.3.

You don't have to take my word for it, since I've recorded some video impressions for your eager delectation. This is very much a first contact video recorded in effectively one take (including live voiceover), so more detailed intel will follow soon!

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