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Dungeon Keeper

Blast From The Past | Dungeon Keeper

Jonathan Lester
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Dungeon Keeper

Blast From The Past | Dungeon Keeper

"Your Creatures Are Falling In Battle!"

Once upon a time there was a little developer called Bullfrog. Its hero, an eccentric young goose called Peter, simply couldn't stop laying golden eggs: from tactical masterworks like Syndicate to the classic Populous series. In 1997, however, Peter decided to form Lionhead Studios and create Black & White... but he just had time to lay one last golden egg before he left.

Well, two if you count Theme Hospital. But that's a Blast From The Past for another time.

This week, we're going to dust off our copies of Dungeon Keeper, fire up our DOSboxes and remind ourselves of why being bad has rarely been so utterly brilliant.

Blast From The Past | Dungeon Keeper

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