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Dungeon Maker £4.88 @ The Hut [DS Games]

Lydia Low
DS games, Dungeon Maker, Role playing game
Nintendo DS

Dungeon Maker £4.88 @ The Hut [DS Games]

Mediocre dungeon designing game Dungeon Maker may not be the best game ever or even a particularly good dungeon crawler but one thing that does make it an appealing prospect is the fact that it is currently available from TheHut for the bargain basement price of just £4.88.

It's a great idea, at least for those gamers who enjoy dungeon crawlers, allowing you to create your own dungeons which you can then subsequentyl trawl through, clearing out the enemies that inevitably flock to its bounteous chambers.

You take on the role of a 12 year old layabout who stumbles upon a magical, chatty spade which becomes your dungeon digging buddy. Your dungeons provide you with a zest for life and with lots of, erm, tasty monsters to cook up into a delicious meal that will fill you will level up nutrition.

Sadly your dungeons will be no masterpieces as you will only be able to evoke the most simple and utilitarian of grid-based designs and you don't even need to get creative with the stylus to produce them. The gameplay is, perhaps unsurprisingly extremely repetitive and the graphics and sound design are nothing special.

Despite its flaws the game will draw you in, like snakes to an intoxicating dungeon, and you may well find yourself hooked. For under five pounds it's worth giving Dungeon Maker a chance if you are really bored but with games like Bowser's Inside Story on the horizon for Nintendo's handheld, you may want to keep hold of your pennies.

Thanks to lucerysmum at Hotukdeals!

Dungeon Maker £4.88 @ The Hut [DS Games]

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