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Dungeon Maker £4.95 @ Zavvi [DS Games]

Marius Goubert
Action Games, DS games, Dungeon Maker
Nintendo DS

Dungeon Maker £4.95 @ Zavvi [DS Games]

Dungeon Maker is one of the DS’ latest action strategy games and is currently being offered from Zavvi priced just £4.95. This is about half the price which you’ll find the game anywhere else, with price comparison churning out a figure of £9.99 as the top deal available. If you love those bizarre DS games like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, Dungeon Maker could be another fun and light hearted addition to your DS collection.

Dungeon Maker is a game which many reviewers find difficult to define. Overall most of them describe at as a sort of cross between Pokémon - with its little monsters and cute visuals – and the legendary PC game Dungeon Crawler. The game starts off when the main character discovers a magic talking shovel and, realising its lucrative potential, sets about earning all sorts of bonuses by ridding the town of a load of little monsters.

The idea is to set off down to the caves and, using your spade, burrow out little rooms which the monsters will find attractive. Then, having lured them to your dungeon with all sorts of features they simply cannot resist, you can either choose to fight them and receive items, or else eat them to increase your stats. So the game is all about creating little furnished homes to contain these troublesome little critters. But although this is clearly a lot of fun initially,  Dungeon Maker can become quite repetitive.

Killing monsters, making money and getting new items can only keep you occupied for so long, and after a while, you begin to start wondering where it all leads. Soon it becomes clear that the game isn’t building up to anything worthwhile and this is disappointing. But all in all, there is enough to keep you occupied in the beginning of Dungeon Maker to make a worthwhile purchase if you like these sorts of titles. So for over £10 you might want to think again, but for under £5 you really can't go wrong.

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