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Dungeons & Dragons Classic RPG Bundle | £22.20 | Good Old Games | PC

Jonathan Lester
Infinity Engine, PC games, RPG Games
Dungeons & Dragons Classic RPG Bundle | £22.20 | Good Old Games | PC
  • What: Dungeons & Dragons Classic Bundle
  • Where: GoG
  • Current Price: £22.20

Good Old Games are currently running one of their tricksy bundle deals that discount a large batch of classic RPGs... so long as you buy them all together. The twist is that the less games you buy, the less savings you get.

But thankfully, there are some truly great games here. Highlights include Planescape Torment, Baldur's Gate, Baldurs Gate II Complete, Icewind Dale 1 & 2 complete and Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition; which are all some of the greatest RPGs ever made! Note that the other games in the package are a bit limp, but with this lineup, who cares?

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hurrakan  Sep. 23, 2011 at 11:57

Ah I thought this might even include stuff like Eye of the Beholder heh.

Might get this anyway, even though I already have most of them (originals).

Temple of Elemental Evil was the greatest game that never worked. I've been thinking of it recently. It was interesting because you were meant to play as an evil party.

It was really the best classic D&D game but it had GAZILLIONS of game-breaking bugs. Some of the (amazing) developers spent MONTHS of their own time patching it (for no pay). There were also some community patches that fixed ALOT of bugs. But even with all that, the game still crashed for me at specific moments. Still, maybe it works now?

I recently bought Neverwinter Nights Platinum on Steam for £3.

I never played Planesape Torment yet either, and I would probably enjoy the Icewind Dales.

JonLester  Sep. 23, 2011 at 12:12

Planescape is incredible, amazing and incredibly amazing. We highly recommend it!

The Icewind Dales are also a lot of fun, but focus more on tactical combat rather than roleplaying since you create your entire parties from scratch (meaning that they can't really play much of a role in the storyline).

GoG gurantee Win7 compatibility with most games, so I think that Temple Of Elemental Evil might just work long enough to play it.

hurrakan  Sep. 23, 2011 at 12:37

Yeah I had a quick browse of the reviews for TOEE and didn't notice anyone complaining... but I would still want to know how many of the patches are included in the GOG version. Because there were a lot of extremely necessary yet unofficial patches. Guess I'll email and ask.

When I originally played TOEE I could only play for few hours before it crashed - so I've only seen the beginning of the game.

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