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From Dust Shatters Ubisoft Records

Felix Kemp
From Dust, Ubisoft
From Dust

From Dust Shatters Ubisoft Records

A game where she re-shape topography, divert lava-flows and steer the course of an ailing tribe isn't quite as assured success as, say, a first-person shooter where you shoot big bug aliens, is it? But, lo and behold, Eric Chahi's god-game has bucked the trends and become Ubisoft's fastest selling day-one digital download in the company's history.

Released on July 27th, Ubisoft's terrain-manipulator averages sales 45% higher than any of Ubisoft's prior XBLA titles, which includes the likes of Beyond Good and Evil HD and Scott Pilgrim. From Dust is scheduled to hit the PC this month, with Ubisoft reporting that pre-orders are "tracking very well", and the nebulous PS3 version will be "available soon".

We'd love to hear your side on this, Dealspwners. Does Eric Chahi's From Dust deserve its rampant success? Or has it all a little too much? [Eurogamer]

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