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From Dust Steam Patch Removes 'Always On' DRM

Jonathan Lester
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From Dust

From Dust Steam Patch Removes 'Always On' DRM

First, Ubisoft shocked the gaming community by suggesting that singleplayer only God Sim From Dust would support 'always on' DRM that requires players to sustain an unbroken connection to Ubisoft servers. Then they denied it, making us all look like vindictive twats to be totally honest.

And then they went and implemented it anyway by mistake. Luckily, a new Steam patch will now remove the DRM and move the save file from the cloud onto your own computer.

Ubisoft has been in a bit of a shambles recently, what with the massive printing error that forced them to backpedal on Driver: San Francisco's first wave of online passes. More haste, less speed guys. And maybe less in the way of Online Passes and DRM might be a good way to get players back on side.

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PasserOfTheBuck  Sep. 9, 2011 at 11:43

Not sure what the point is in removing this now. Is anyone still playing it? It was so short you could finish it quicker that than it took to download...


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