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Dying Light on PC discounted again - £21.49 / $33.49

Brendan Griffiths
Dying Light, PC games

Dying Light on PC discounted again - £21.49 / .49

Been waiting for the right price for Dying Light? Well, unless you're stubbornly waiting for something under £20 (you know who you are), how about £21.49 / $33.49. Don't forget to use the seller's facebook discount code for a sly discount.

Dying Light has proved to e a lot of fun and one of the better releases of the year so far. The mix of zombies, brutal melee combat and some terrific free-running abilities works incredibly well. The enhanced movement skills give the zombie genre an essential boost and make the likes of Dead Island feel like a fat drunken mess. Need some more convincing? Take a look at  our Dying Light Opening Scenes video and Dying Light review.

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Tsung  Feb. 23, 2015 at 16:29

My friends rave about this game, but myself I find it rather average at best. Ok I haven't got too far in the game, suffering from motion sickness if I play it for more than an hour or two tops. But 90% of the time I can avoid the zombies by running past them.

Some of the niggles are the missions themselves, a lot seem to be fillers. Like go get a video and chocolates for a chap and he will let you in (his house). You get them, and then you have to find a way in the house via the roof.. Why I have no idea? Except filler.

Oh and Be the Zombie mode; is rubbish; not because it couldn't be any fun it. But because no-one is silly enough to play online with invasion mode switched on. (So there are NO servers to join as the zombie).

I managed to get in a friends game as a zombie master, it was a bit of fun, until they both quit and restarted the game with invasion mode turned off.

So yeah, it's ok, with nice graphics.. I'll keep playing it, several friends have already completed it (within a week) but they have more time than me to play it..


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