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Dynasty Warriors 6 £13.00 @ ShopTo [Xbox 360 Games]

Matt Gardner
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Dynasty Warriors 6 £13.00 @ ShopTo [Xbox 360 Games]

Koei's hack and slash flagship series might not have undergone huge changes over the years, featuring the same repetitive button-mashing as always, but for some reason there's something incredibly therapeutic about being plonked down in the middle of a large battlefield and being left to dispatch an inordinate amount of near-identical warriors in a game aided by some RPG-lite mechanics.

This sixth instalment of the game has been hovering at just under £15 for some time now but, in a bid to rid themselves of the last few bits of stock, you can pick up the limited number of remaining X360 copies from ShopTo for £13, saving you around £2. You'll need to be quick though, as this deal is unlikely to last terribly long.

It's a Dynasty Warriors game, so expect a lot of button mashing-repetitive combat and fairly shoddy visuals. Texturing is non-existent, water features look awful and the character models might just make you cry. However, this title does have a few things going for it. Chances are that if you've ever played any of the games in this series you'll immediately know whether or not something like this is for you. For some, myself included, Dynasty Warriors has always been one of those relatively mindless affairs that's good for having something to do whilst maybe catching up with a mate. It's there, but you can kind of ignore it. A bit like the Fantastic Four movies. And Michael Buble.

There's a lot of content here, even though much of it plays almost exactly the same, but each character's campaign (17 out of the 41 playable) will take a couple of hours to bust through. Players can now swim and climb ladders and a new power combo system has been introduced. The Renbu system takes combo dependency away from whichever weapon you're wielding and instead presents you with a gauge that fills as you inflict damage, raising your rank and abilities. There's a new skill tree as well that gives players the option to unlock higher Renbu ranks and special abilities. The RPG elements are actually fairly impressive this time around, although they still in no way save this game from being a fairly monotonous trudge.

You only really need one Dynasty Warriors game to say you've played them all, but if you're a long time fan of the series and this is missing from your roster, well get your skates on and head over to ShopTo.

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