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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3

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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 | £21.95 | My Memory | Xbox 360

Tom Silkstone
hack and slash, Koei, Namco Bandai, Omega Force, Xbox 360 games
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 | Xbox 360

Unfortunately, this one feels pretty dated and there isn't really much variety, so long sessions quickly become boring, however if you're a fan of the series then you'll probably enjoy it. There are loads of character to try and smash your opponents to bits with, and they're upgradeable, so you'll become more formidable as time goes on. My Memory are parting with Xbox 360 copies of the game for £21.95, which'll make you a saving of just over £8 on the next best offers out there.