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Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce £14.99 @ HMV [Xbox 360 & PS3 Games]

Felix Kemp
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Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce £14.99 @ HMV [Xbox 360 & PS3 Games]

The Dynasty Warriors series is a long-running hack-and-slash affair, where one warrior engages entire armies with sweeping blows from his unnecessarily big sword. Strikeforce, one of the latest entries on next-gen consoles, is currently on offer for the cut-price of £14.99 @ HMV, on both 360 and PS3.

I'm personally not a big fan of the DW series, but the supposedly new focus on fun, outlandish features in Strikeforce does sound tempting. A pity all my money is currently cashed in for Halo Reach! If, however, you're not a Bungie fanboy like me, and want a quirky Japanese action game with effeminate-looking warriors clad in needlessly spiky armour, then DW: Strikeforce might be just for you.

Dynasty Warriors is set in an alternate version of China, where men and women are bestowed with superhuman abilities known as 'the fury', allowing them to lay waste to hundreds of soldiers at a time, and remove beastly threats to the land, like giants and dragons. It's ridiculous, really, but all good fun, with just one stroke from your glowing halberd enough to scatter a dozen enemies foolish enough to be within your reach.

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