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E3 2013 | Most Anticipated Upcoming Games

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E3 2013 | Most Anticipated Upcoming Games

This year's E3 was a strange combination of current-gen blockbusters and heavy-hitters for next-gen, with plenty of indie goodness sprinkled in between. Though many played it safe, there were a number of titles that certainly caught the eye and made us incredibly excited for the next twelve months or so.

Honourable Mentions: Rain, Watch Dogs, The Division, The Crew, Pokemon X and Y, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Thief 4

10. Beyond: Two Souls

Once again, Quantic Dream impressed with Beyond, this time showing off some action-centric moments that seemed to hugely contrast with the previous snippets we'd been privy to. It raised a number of questions both in terms of narrative and gameplay -- questions that we're itching to have answered.

9. Bayonetta 2


The Wonderful 101 is a shoe-in for this list, let's be honest, but we've been banging on about that game for months. We got more Platinum awesomeness at E3, though, in the form of Bayonetta 2. It looks just as dazzlingly balletic, utterly barmy, and deliciously over-the-top.

8. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

A fantastic bait and switch with those Battlefield bass stabs led to what was probably one of the biggest surprises of press conference day: EA opening with a game that we might b able to genuinely fall in love with. Boasting 12-on-12 matchups, a large range of classes and complimentary co-operative gameplay opportunities, dripping charm and impressive aesthetics, Garden Warfare looks like a masterful reinvention of a hugely popular franchise, peddling a well-worked cocktail of pace, balanced mayhem, humour, and good, old fun.

7. Octodad


Sometimes a game just comes out of left-field and steals the show by being resoundingly, fantastically different. Enter Octodad: Dadliest Catch, which is on course to be one of the funniest, side-splitting games of the next twelve months. The entire premise revolves around attempting to make an octopus who handles like a dodgy marionette seem inconspicuous and "normal" so his family don't realise that he is, in fact, an octopus.

There's so much win here.

6. X


One of the first truly next-gen-looking RPGs, and it's a barnstorming follow-up to Monolith Soft's Xenoblade Chronicles. They managed to redefine the modern JRPG on the Wii, can they do it again on the Wii U with a vast open world, tactical combat, and MECHS? We can't wait to find out.

5. Metal Gear Solid V


Two words: stealth horse!

But, seriously, watch the vid. Then pick your jaw up off the floor.

4. Transistor


It started at PAX, but it returned at E3; that realisation that we absolutely have to have Supergiant's new game. It looks phenomenally gorgeous, and we've had that music stuck in our heads ever since. Another game that toys with narrative, but one that this time seems to do so with a little more pathos, making the most of the sci-fi setting, with a vastly open-ended tactical experience. Bastion proved to be one of our favourite games of the last few years. This looks like it might go one better.

3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

CD Projekt once again won the CD Projekt Award For Being Awesome, but their follow-up to The Witcher II: Assassins of Kings is one game that has us drooling in anticipation. Another truly next-gen RPG, The Witcher 3 is shaping up to be absolutely MASSIVE. With a game world over 30 times larger than that of its predecessor dynamic weather systems, mind-blowing vistas, more detailed tactical combat, trademark choice and consequence, multi-strand narratives, Geralt's greatest adventure is up ahead.

2. Mario Kart 8


Yes, there are three Wii U entries on this list, it's just a crying shame that they're all coming out in 2014. This one should have been a Christmas leviathan. It looks like most insane Mario Kart yet, with gravity-defying tracks, cherry-picking the best elements from modern series pinnacle Mario Kart 7, and drifting hovercrafts. It's exactly what the Wii U needs and it had us all grinning like maniacs as the trailer rolled until our hopes were dashed by the late release date. It has all of the potetial to be one of the very best games in the series, and we (not to mention Nintendo) need this in our lives so very badly indeed.

1. Titanfall/Destiny

Yes, we've cheated, but only so we could slide more indie games onto the list. Both big (predominantly) next-gen titles impressed us immensely with their sheer scale and ambition. With Respawn it was the trademark slickness, that fantastic-looking traversal system and of course our huge affinity for MECHS!  With Destiny, our jaws simply dropped in the Sony presser. The huge guns, powerful class skills, public events and oodles of loot reminded us of a broader, more ambitious Borderlands, and that's no bad thing.

Both games are looking at using the connectivity options presented on next-gen consoles to try and bring something a little bit different to the table -- between narrative elements and public events on a scale hitherto unseen on consoles -- and we love that.


Which games floated your boats? Let us know which titles caught your eyes, and what you're excited for over the next few months in the comments box below!

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stevenjameshyde  Jun. 18, 2013 at 15:04

Octodad looks genuinely amazing. Of those not on the list, I thought that Project Spark looked interesting, and The Evil Within has a lot of promise too

Late  Jun. 18, 2013 at 15:29

I'm all about the ultimately pointless flailing of limbs to complete uninspired objectives in a frankly boring looking game.

Haven't had a chance to see as many game trailers as I'd like to, yet, but the one that's excited me most is "X".
(There's a thin glimmer of hope for Nintendo's machine after all?)

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