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EA vs Activision Slanging Match Begins Early

Jonathan Lester
Activision, Black Ops II, Blops 2, EA, Rivalry, Smack talk

EA vs Activision Slanging Match Begins Early

"You Look Tired, You Should Take A Year Off"

EA and Activision's legendary annual FPS rivalry has officially kicked off, with Black Ops II's reveal trailer barely on the internet before an EA executive took a swing at it.

EA global product manager Kevin O'Leary wasted no time in tweeting "Poor [Black Ops II] you look tired, you should take a year off and rest," following it up with a boast about EA's lineup.

Excited about the FPS competition & E3 this year. Medal of Honor Warfighter, Battlefield 3, Frostbite 2...FTW.

Once the story broke, Leary requested that news outlets also quote him on his other varied accomplishments: "cars, snowboarding, haikus and extreme sleeping." What a guy.

Will Activision take the bait? Or can we expect a classier exchange between the two publishers this year? All we know is that this Christmas will mark the battle of the 'B Teams,' with Halo 4 arguably threatening to steal their thunder.

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