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EA Admits A True Syndicate Remake Could Happen

Felix Kemp
EA Games, Syndicate

EA Admits A True Syndicate Remake Could Happen

"There Is Scope To Remake It"

We've a Syndicate reboot in the pipeline for 1PM, so look out for Jon's take on EA and Starbreeze's ambitious re-imagining of the classic Bullfrog game that's now a futuristic shooter. The decision to ditch the series' strategy roots in favor of first-person shooting has irked some fans, who've voiced their concerns that EA didn't simply remake the original. Well, in an interview with Eurogamer, EA have said they sympathize with those fans and admitted there's "scope to remake it".

"The original was such a classic," admits EA's Jeff Gamon. "There is scope to remake it." The recently announced Syndicate reboot ditches the real-time strategy elements in favor of futuristic first-person shooting and cerebral hacking. Shooters dominate on consoles, so it's no surprise that EA is bringing the new Syndicate game to 360 and PS3. But if the publisher was to remake the original down to its RTS roots, they'd consider a different platform more fitting for such a title.

"If we did there are probably other platforms which are more suitable for it than the consoles we're making it for, if we wanted to go in that more strategic route, that perspective," Gamon told Eurogamer. He's no doubt referring to PC, where the keyboard and mouse layout trump whatever ingenious console controller solutions developers can conjure up.

"I would love to see Syndicate as a true franchise again, bringing it back and expanding it out onto whatever platforms it's suitable for," Gamon went on to say, before admitting an iOS version is a possibility. "But that's purely speculative at this point." Well, Syndicate fans, what platform would you like a true remake to make its way on to? PC? iPhone? The Vita? Tell us, we'd love to know. [Eurogamer]

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somethingdifferent2  Oct. 24, 2011 at 13:37

PC, every time. The game is relatively simple to recreate. Then just update the graphics with a modern spin. Throw in a level editor, and the fans would lap it up.

hurrakan  Oct. 24, 2011 at 14:14

Remake the original on PC.

Developers/publishers keep complaining that games are too expensive to make - so why do they keep wasting time + money making games no one wants?

Just re-make the original with updated graphics, AI and some modern features (multiplayer?). That would work out cheaper than designing and developing a whole new game from scratch - and it assures a definite purchase for fans of the original. As opposed to a re-interpretation that probably wont appeal to ANYONE.

The main elements I remember were mega-corporations (and the corporate society), and the agents (recruitment, development, augmentation, specialisation). And vehicles. And Mini-Guns. And Flame-throwers.


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