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EA Won't Charge For Battlelog

Felix Kemp
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EA Won't Charge For Battlelog

Not Looking To Imitate Call Of Duty Elite

Liked the look of Call of Duty Elite until Activision unveiled their pricing plan? Well, maybe you'd prefer Battlelog, instead? EA's answer to Elite felt a little knee-jerky what with its abrupt announcement, but at least the publisher isn't treating Battlelog like the second coming - sorry, Acti, but Bungie's been doing Elite for a while now. And unlike Elite, Battlelog is free to use. However, when reports emerged today that a premium Battlelog might be introduced, EA was quick to dispel such talk.

"We are providing Battlelog to Battlefield 3 players to deliver the best social, multiplayer FPS experience in the market," said EA when contacted for response by Industry Gamers. "We have no plans to charge for this service with Battlefield 3. The Battlefield series has always been about playing with friends, and Battlelog takes that experience to the next level by serving as a unique social network."

EA will fight Activision to the very end over the FPS market, and if that means sacrificing a few million to ensure a larger audience on their respective community hubs, so be it. While it's true that EA could simply include a premium Battlelog subscription in the future, Modern Warfare 3's dominance is far too important to deal with than subscribers. It's not like the post-release DLC won't rake in the profits, anyway. [Industry Gamers]

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GiftedGimp  Sep. 7, 2011 at 18:51

Ever since the success of MW1 Activision has used the COD franchise as their personal cash cow. Ok with the Elite Premium Subscription you get 20 pieces of DLC, but let's face it these are going to be a couple multiplayer maps spread over the 9 months after launch and how many are going to be brand new maps and how many will be rehashed maps from previous MW/COD games?
Activision should be releasing a DLC pre-purchase pass, like LA Noir / Mortal Kombat and the Upcoming Gears of War 3.
Having said that based on the price of past COD/MW DlC no doubt the MW3 DLC would be overpriced anyway.
The problem is for now EA's Battlelog will be free, good on them, but let's be honest, once all the MW3 sheep pay the Elite Subscription it will be deemed a success and other publishers will follow suit, adding a premium subscription to their online games which, yes will include DLC but is effectively making you pay to play on each game.
This has happened already with Online Passes, EA tried it, people who brought second hand EA games then brought the Online Passes, the system was declared successful and now most publishers run a online pass system.
Gaming is an expensive hobby as it is, if effectively publishers ate going to double the price of a game by getting you to pay a subscription to get the full online experience then a lot of gamers will stop buying as many games as they do simply to make up for the extra cost of paying the online subscriptions.
The Elite system Activision is bad, bad for gamers due to increase cost, bad for developers as people will buy less titles they create, (also meaning the occasional risky original title that Devs release from time to time will be totally stopped / more Development houses getting shut down due to losses/Lack of profits) and bad for the publishers as people like me who aren't sheep won't buy games published by them, simply due to loss if any respect to the publisher and the realisation that actually Activision isn't bothered about their customers all they are interested in is how much cash can the milk from people.

softy1  Sep. 8, 2011 at 06:10

Activision doesn't actually have customers.Being a customer normally entitles you to consumer rights. Activision does not recognise consumer rights. That is a documented fact.

Only idiots buy from companies who do not recognise a consumers rights. Anyone can prattle on about models and business plans but the truth is only idiots buy from companies like Activision who will screw them over from day 1.

Many kids are gamers - Activision abuses those kids, and their parents. Its about time the industry started cleaning itself up and sites like dealspawn pander to this industry abuse like natural parasites on a well fed carcass.
EA is well hated already and quite rightly,and so is Ubisoft today - both companies are obviously now rethinking their ways of treating the idiots who buy their expensive drm products - and with good reason - their longevity, and their profits are at stake.

Late  Sep. 8, 2011 at 08:30

...and breathe...

JonLester  Sep. 8, 2011 at 10:23

Just for the sake of poking the hornets nest: how are Activision screwing people over at the moment? Sure, 1200MSP map packs are ridiculous, but you don't have to buy them. I haven't, and I still play CoD regularly with millions of other players. And the inflated RRP goes down fairly quickly - we're a deal site after all.

Activision hasn't made anyone pay for DLC weapons yet. Or made pre-owned customers pay to play online. Or marketed horror games to minors. I'm not going to point fingers, but I think you'll find that there's a much more manipulative company out there... who's getting away with a lot of questionable stuff thanks to Activision's constant PR gaffes providing a perfect smokescreen.


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