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EA "Not Concerned" With PES 2012

Felix Kemp
EA Games, FIFA 12, PES 2012
FIFA 12 | Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

EA "Not Concerned" With PES 2012

True to the sport its simulating, the rivalry between Fifa and Pro Evolution Soccer is as fierce and compelling as the most titanic of footballing bouts to grace the world's greatest contest. Fifa has edged ahead in recent years, but Konami appear focused on pushing EA to the very last minute with their 2012 iteration, which promises a wealth of new features and improvements to sway old and new fans back. However, EA have told Gaming Bolt their "not concerned".

"I don’t think they’ve concerned us," grunts Fifa's gameplay director, Aaron McHardy, in regards to the strides forward Konami has made with the latest Pro Evo Soccer, which - among other features - allows players to control two players directly, the dribbler and an accompanying runner. "I think we have forms of those things but not to the same extent or the same way that Konami have done them. But we really wanted you to be expressive and be creative on the pitch and do what you like to do with the ball. And we wanted to build features that would allow that expression, and that level of control. That’s kind of where we’re taking it."

Which isn't to say Fifa has rested on its laurels this year, either. The much-hyped Impact Engine promises to redefine how the virtual sportsman react to every crunching tackle, and the Precision Dribbling will give players more control over the ball than ever before. And McHardy is keen to stress both Fifa and PES offer their own unique appeals.

"I know that [Konami are] taking it in a different direction, and being more specific about things like player runs and all that," he explains. "But I think what we’re doing is better for our game, so we’re not concerned about the features they’re doing, but I’m sure they’ll fit perfectly with their game."

Let's hear your side on this, Dealspwners! What title will you be plumping for this Winter? EA's Fifa? Or Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer? [Gaming Bolt]

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alibaba5  Aug. 2, 2011 at 23:57

Best two football games going head to head, much like the best derby match in england, Sunderland v Newcastle. Sunderland being FIFA, Newcastle being PES.

There was a time when Newcastle used to have the edge, but now, Sunderland are by for the top dogs, and will be for the forseeable future.

socialjeebus  Aug. 3, 2011 at 04:28

Lol, Sunderland v Newcastle, best derby match in England. Enjoy it while it lasts kid, Newcastle will be playing in the Championship next season. At least "star" men like Ameobi and Kuqi will be able to find their level.

lemming69uk  Aug. 3, 2011 at 09:29

I think PES made a mistake over the last few years by trying to compete with FIFA directly. I used to buy PES every year as I enjoyed how fluid the play was, cutting through balls and crazy dribbling runs.. but the last few years the players have felt heavy and slow. I tried FIFA and their previously sluggish play had been made more fluid so I swapped over and have stayed there since. I'll still get both demos this year but by the look FIFA is still top dog for now!

nolannorth  Aug. 3, 2011 at 23:16

The NE derby has always been the best in the country. Just like the fans are the best in the country. More passion. More pride. Thats not to say there aren't other good derbies, but there aren't any that match the intensity, anticipation, and noise levels of SAFC v NUFC. Manchester derby is let down by the mass glory hunter parade who couldn't name a player outside the Utd first XI. London is just full of boring supporters minus the odd bunch of West Ham and Milwall supporters. Bolton v Blackburn could be decent however they are 2 of the most dull teams to watch in the Premier League.


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