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EA Confirms PopCap Acquisition

Jonathan Lester
EA, Loads of money, PopCap

EA Confirms PopCap Acquisition

Recent rumours suggested that EA was seeking to acquire casual juggernaut PopCap Games for the whopping sum of one billion dollars... and the truth isn't far off the mark. EA has now confirmed the PopCap buyout, as well as an aggregate payout of $750 million. Full details after the break.

In today's press release, EA confirms that PopCap has now been brought into the fold for $650 million dollars "cash" and 100 million dollars' worth of shares. The move marks another major foray into the casual and social market for Electronic Arts, with the objective of forging a "billion dollar digital business."

EA and PopCap are a compelling combination. PopCap’s great studio talent and powerful IP add to EA’s momentum and accelerate our drive towards a $1 billion digital business. EA’s global studio and publishing network will help PopCap rapidly expand their business to more digital devices, more countries, and more channels. - EA CEO John Riccitiello

We picked EA because they have recast their culture around making great digital games. By working with EA, we'll scale our games and services to deliver more social, mobile, casual fun to an even bigger, global audience. - David Roberts, CEO of PopCap

We daresay that it will be business as usual for PopCap - and the EA partnership will doubtlessly provide the studio with new avenues to explore and distribution channels to take full advantage of. Naturally we'll let you know as soon as their first project is announced.

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henryh  Jul. 13, 2011 at 06:53

Great, EA will take the 'indie' dev feel away from Popcap. Steam will lose the Popcap game library, it will all move to that inferior Origin that EA plug. Wonder what happens to those that have actually bought Popcap games on Steam? Same as Crysis 2 I guess, it will disappear and you won't be able to install the game again, even though you paid £30 for it!? Thanks for the golden years Popcap, alas the relationship has to end now you have joined club EA :(

elbee909  Jul. 13, 2011 at 08:36

So, have they closed Popcap down yet?

Infinite Element  Jul. 13, 2011 at 10:26

My god... over £400m?!

I mean, I know PvZ and Bejewelled are successful, but I had no idea EA would be willing to buy PopCap for that amount of money.

Normally, I'd **** off a big company like EA, but I'm obsessed with FIFA on the 360 and think they've finally got their act together in that department at least.

Perhaps this isn't such a bad thing, after all. But it just goes to show, casual games are where the money's at right now.

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