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EA: FIFA Vita "Built Entirely On Next-Gen Engine"

Felix Kemp
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EA: FIFA Vita "Built Entirely On Next-Gen Engine"

A Console Experience In The Palm Of Your Hands, Apparently

EA is very excited about their new FIFA game being prepped for the PS Vita, claiming that the differences between handheld and console versions will be bridged by Sony's machine. In a chat with Eurogamer, EA's Matthew Prior told the site the studio has managed to bring the all new FIFA 12 engine on to the Vita, meaning it will look almost identical to its PS3 counterpart.

"It's built entirely on the next gen engine," Prior reveals. "There are certain features on FIFA 12 that we weren't able to include because we were porting it over and it's hard to port a moving target. It doesn't have the new physics engine but everything else is pretty much there." However, while it's missing the powerful new 'Impact Engine' in FIFA 12, Prior has lauded the work of his Vita team and claims you'd have to be "super-aficionado of FIFA to notice the difference".

Prior went on to reveal what sort of exclusive new controller inputs the Vita can offer to FIFA's gameplay. Well, first off, the touch-screen can be used to direct passes, tapping anywhere on the screen where you'd like to pass the ball. Furthermore, the rear-facing touch-pad can trigger shots, with neat little flicks releasing the ball from a striker's boot.

Set-pieces, too, have been re-imagined for use on the Vita. You can set up and shoot from free-kicks and corners "kind of like Flick Kick Football on the iPhone", and Prior claims this adds a whole new level of "intelligent play" to the game. "All these controls are supplementary to what's already there," he said. "If you want to play as you would on the PS3, all that control is there. We've not forced users to use the touch screen - it's just a feature we've used to enhance the experience and make it unique to the platform." [Eurogamer]

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