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EA: FPS "The Right Choice" For Syndicate Reboot

Matt Gardner
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EA: FPS "The Right Choice" For Syndicate Reboot

The Syndicate reboot is out, and thus far the FPS has received fairly positive reviews. Basking in the warm afterglow of the game's release, EA have stated that the choice to bring back the franchise as an FPS was the right choice.

"It's been nearly 20 years since the original Syndicate came out back in 1993," said producer Jeff Gamon.

"So a lot of people playing this game would probably have heard of the original Syndicate but not necessarily have played it. Obviously we get asked a lot about the reaction of fans of the original to us taking it into first-person direction. But we have to maintain that was the right decision.

"Why remake that classic in its original form when it's still out there? So with a whole new audience and tastes in video games, and a whole new suite of platforms to develop for, the game we made was the right choice."

Starbreeze, too, are rightfully proud of the game that they made, noting that it was important to make a good game in its own right, while still respecting the setting and lore established by the original game. That said, in looking to expand the game for a wider audience, it was important to look beyond the original's RTS gameplay to the prevalent genre of today's industry.

"I knew that no matter what we did people would have strong opinions about it," lead co-op programmer Lars Magnus Lang said. "I can be the same with some games, also. I can still feel like, oh, did they have to do that?

"So, absolutely, it was quite a bit of pressure to live up to those expectations. We knew that we really couldn't do that. Unless we made it into an RTS they would not be happy. But if we had made it an RTS we would have made only those people happy."

Lang compared his game to another relatively recent reboot that took a classic title and transformed it into a first-person game.

"I remember Fallout 3 also had the same thing," he said. "It is kind of forgotten now because it was great. Almost everyone liked it. There's always a few…

"We make it good on its own merits, then we take the universe, the setting, the cyberpunk, and really be true to the original Syndicate, and that's it. " [EG]


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Monkfish88  Feb. 27, 2012 at 16:53

EA: MONEY "The Right Choice" For Syndicate Reboot

condracky  Feb. 27, 2012 at 17:20

It would have been the right choice if they actually made a good FPS and not some generic "shooting in corridors" mess.


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