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EA Hiring For Next Dead Space

Felix Kemp
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EA Hiring For Next Dead Space

It's been a while since EA has discussed their Dead Space 3 plans. They obviously have some big plans brewing, and a few round these bits expect an E3 announcement - which came to pretty much nothing. However, if a number of job listings emerging online are to be believed, EA is looking to add to their Dead Space outfit, Visceral, in preparation for an "exciting unique franchise."

Advertized on Gamasutra and picked up by CVG, the listings call for a potential Senior Development Director, Audio Director and VFX Artist to join the Visceral team in Redwood City. They specifically mention working on Dead Space, although whether this is actually Dead Space 3 - or another spin-off akin to Extraction - remains to be seen.

So what can we expect from a third Dead Space? Well, EA claim they'll stick to the series' survival-horror roots, although the careful balancing act between dread-soaked atmosphere and explosive gunplay the sequel pioneered is set to be built on. The multiplayer component, too, despite being critically panned, will likely feature with improvements all-round.

Sign off in the comments section below on what you'd like to see in Dead Space 3! [CVG]

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