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EA Limiting Star Wars The Old Republic Stock For "Smooth Launch"

Felix Kemp
EA Games, Gamescom 2011, Star Wars The Old Republic

EA Limiting Star Wars The Old Republic Stock For "Smooth Launch"

Crowds buzzed around the Star Wars The Old Republic booth for hours upon hours today at GamesCom. Carl got to check it out at EA's private press room, but until then it's best to head to the show floor. If you're in Cologne, of course! However, on a less positive note, unsettling news has emerged today regarding launch quantities for when The Old Republic is released next year.

Game Informer has the scoop, revealing that EA will be limiting copies of Star Wars The Old Republic released to retailers when it launches next year. Why? Well, with their servers still in their infancy, EA want as smooth a launch as possible, so as not to scare off their new user-base.

So, as such, they'll be holding back on stock, despite announcing record pre-order numbers earlier in the week. According to Game Informer - who nabbed the scoop from an EA rep at GamesCom 2011 - EA is far more concerned with a successful launch than record-breaking stats.

I wouldn't worry, though; EA will still ship millions of copies, but a few fans might find themselves kicking their heels for a week or two. The Old Republic has been a massive investment for EA - their biggest yet - and a shaky launch could spell disastrous results. [Game Informer]


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Rubisco  Aug. 19, 2011 at 07:55

I can't help but notice that they haven't actually stated a figure that they'll be limiting their sales to.

I call BS. Genius PR BS that should keep the preorders rolling in, for that I applaud them but honestly, if you expect to sell more then you spend more on infrastructure, you don't limit sales that would be idiotic.

CarlPhillips  Aug. 19, 2011 at 08:24

There could be some truth to this if I'm honest. At Blizzard's Q&A on Tuesday they admitted that at one point during World of Warcraft's launch they stopped shipping copies of the client to retailers due to the demand being higher than the servers could handle (resulting in the infamously long server queues) so EA could just be making sure they don't repeat Blizzard's mistakes.

That said, it could also be, as Rubisco stated, genius PR spin to create a rush for more pre-orders.

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RiKx  Aug. 19, 2011 at 09:08

I agree with Rubisco, if you want more pre-orders then just say your limiting release stock. "Limited stock release - well I better pre-order a copy so I'm not disappointed..."


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