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EA: Microsoft Needs To "Cough Up" The Xbox One Release Date

Jonathan Lester
EA, Microsoft, Xbox One

EA: Microsoft Needs To "Cough Up" The Xbox One Release Date

Microsoft made some major strides at Gamescom 2013, and made a few of us think deeply about our next-generation console decision, but the lack of a firm Xbox One release date is starting to annoy even their stalwart friends at EA.

EA's COO Peter Moore discussed the incoming console generation with GI.biz, suggesting that there's never been such a close-run release schedule between two competing consoles. As such, EA will need to work with retailers to ensure that launch titles for both consoles are available on release... and they really need a date in order to deliver. "Now the picture is becoming clearer each day with dates, it's still a little piecemeal, but dates, countries, we need quantities," he said. "A company like ourselves we need to figure out where the numbers are going so we can deploy our marketing resources accordingly.

"The challenge is more for the retailers and we have to work with them and Microsoft and Sony have to work with them and if they're literally within a week or two weeks of each other it's not easy for retailers to manage their retail presence, what do do they focus on, hardware takes up a lot of room in stores and back rooms, what are their allotments? And so it becomes a real challenge for retail and we have to work with retail to make sure we can help."

"But to your point this is precedent setting, it has never happened this way. There's always been a period of time, a sorbet between consoles, that has cleansed the palate and allowed us to move on. It might be a week, who knows? Microsoft needs to cough up the date."

They probably do, to be honest. If you're interested, this was the same interview in which Moore suggested that Microsoft had their work cut out in terms of 'catching up' with the PlayStation brand in Europe. [via VG247]

We'll let you know as soon as Microsoft "cough up" the goods.

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Realhoneyman  Sep. 2, 2013 at 18:21

If you care about getting an Xbox One upon launch then yes, a release date soon would be very helpful.

Can I throw a spanner in the works and suggest that they will announce a release date for Q1 2014? SONY have thrown their's out there before Summer closes out. I'd think it be very short-sighted for Microsoft to come forward and say in mid-September:

"Its, erm, going to release on November 15th"

...or something along those lines.

Still, I'm not employed by them so who knows? Perhaps announcing a £400+ console at retail no more than 2 months before release day is now the norm?

Somehow from a 'making profit' POV, I don't believe it will be.

Last edited by Realhoneyman, Sep. 2, 2013 at 18:24


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