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EA Official Rock Band Drums £19.99 @ Amazon [Xbox 360 Games]

Matt Gardner
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EA Official Rock Band Drums £19.99 @ Amazon [Xbox 360 Games]

If, like me, you ended up getting into Guitar Hero or Rock Band in bits and pieces - a second hand game here, a bargain wireless guitar on eBay there - then you might well have come across a widespread problem: where the hell can you pick up a cheap set of gaming drums?

Thankfully, Amazon have helpfully lowered the price of the official Rock band drums to £19.99. Admittedly you can pick up the value version of Rock Band: The Beatles for around £60, which includes a guitar, microphone and copy of the Fab Four game, but for those of us just needing some smash pads, this is definitely the better deal.

Having beaten tens tonnes of awesomeness out of my ex-housemate's plastic drum kit, I can tell you that these things are pretty well made. They're perhaps not quite as sturdy as the set that comes with Guitar Hero World Tour/5, but they are able to withstand quite a lot of violence nonetheless.

The kick pedal is, however, a problem. Mashing it with size twelves is inadvisable and will result in some severe pedal trauma, although there's a handy 60 day warranty if you bust it within two months. It is surprisingly loud, and you might want to invest in some of the sound dampeners and possibly the cymbal attachments too if you fancy getting some hardcore drum simulation on. As I say, it's not quite the accomplished product that the Guitar Hero peripheral is, but you'll still have a blast.

I myself ordered one of these only five minutes before writing this deal up, mainly because I much prefer the drumming engine on Rock Band and its sequel. The feedback is just better, especially in the freestyle bits, and there aren't too many grinding tracks. Medium mode in Guitar Hero World Tour often felt blander than Bran Flakes, and Hard mode involved a level of pedal co-ordination I simply wasn't prepared for. Thankfully, Harmonix have made drumming on the lower levels fun, with increased fill sections, more work for the hands, and of course the wonderfully implemented Deep Purple-esque free-for-all ending moments.

EA Official Rock Band Drums £19.99 @ Amazon [Xbox 360 Games]

Oh, and it's good for you too. If you want to get fit this Christmas, or just try and alleviate some of the turkey damage, forget standing on a set of motion sensor scales and miming the hula, get one of these badboys instead and rock your way into good health.

Thanks to mintcake on HotUKDeals

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